What's Happening at Highland

Below you can find links to our newsletters and other noteworthy events at Highland Capital Advisors.

Date Description
9/01/2018 Highland welcomes new savings plan clients, Brooks Running, Compass Health, and Savers.
8/01/2018 Highland welcomes new client, The Roman Catholic Diocese of Helena.
6/01/2018 Highland welcomes new 401(k) & pension client, Washington Athletic Club.
4/01/2018 Highland welcomes new client, Surplus Line Association of Washington.
12/01/2017 David Mann joins Highland Capital Advisors as a Senior Consultant!
10/01/2017 Highland welcomes new 401(k) client, Auto Wharehousing Company.
9/21/2017 Version 3.0 of HiPRA, Highland's proprietary performance reporting application, released. Among a host of other enhancements, version 3 allows the creation of peer group universes derived from the Department of Labor's 5500 form Schedule H data.
8/01/2017 Highland welcomes new 401(k) client, PND Engineers.
4/01/2017 Highland welcomes new 401(k) client, Teague.
3/09/2017 Highland hosts the 2017 Western Washington Fiduciary Summit, an educational workshop for Finance, Human Resource & Benefit Executives, Business Owners, and Fiduciaries to discuss retirement plan best practices and strategies.
2/20/2017 Version 2.0 of HiPRA, Highland's proprietary performance reporting application, released.
4/01/2016 Highland welcomes new 401(k) client, Cardinal Heating & A/C, Inc.
3/31/2016 Highland enhances its state of the art fund upgrade exhibit that alerts clients when they are eligible for a lower fee share class, CIT or separate account vehicle. HiPRA, Highland's proprietary performance reporting application, also considers the fee impact custodial arrangement (i.e., bundled vs. unbundled) and can handle grouped funds (e.g., TRDs).
3/01/2016 Highland welcomes new 401(k) client, General Steamship Agencies.
2/25/2016 Highland rolls out enhanced market review pages for its client performance reports along with composition detail for fund benchmarks where available.
10/01/2015 Highland welcomes new clients, Point B Consulting 401(k) and the Machinists Health and Welfare Trust Fund.
7/25/2015 HiPRA, Highland's proprietary performance reporting application, moves it's backend SQL database to Microsoft's Azure cloud service allowing for up to the minute backup/restore, secure distributed access, and enhanced disaster recovery capabilities.
4/30/2015 Highland introduces a new "Build or Buy" exhibit. Utilizing powerful multi-variate optimization algorithms this exhibit shows savings plan clients how a similarly allocated portfolio of its core funds would have faired against the Target Date Funds in its lineup.
3/31/2015 Highland introduces a new way to monitor your portfolio's fees and revenue sharing. Our fee history gives clients perspective on the direction of fund fees and the sources of fee changes over time.
9/30/2014 Highland adds portfolio attribution to HiPRA! Our proprietary attribution algorithm breaks policy driven portfolio performance into asset selection, asset allocation, manager selection, manager bias, etc. This allows clients to see what aspects of their management process are working and what are not.
6/30/2014 New historical allocation trend exhibits are rolled out for savings plan clients. Now clients can spot participant trends and shifts between managers, passive/active, and investment segment (TRD, Models, etc.).
9/30/2013 Highland moves all client performance calculations from Morningstar Direct into its own reporting platform, HiPRA, allowing new statistical and analytical capabilities with associated management insights.
6/30/2013 Q&A with David Rowe on DOL and SEC guidance on target date retirement funds.
3/27/2013 We're growing and as a result we've moved! Check out our new location.
1/1/2013 Plansponsor article quotes David Rowe in Total Benefits:The Big Goodbye
6/1/2012 Highland adds David Rowe to Seattle Consulting Team
5/15/2012 Highland's Randall Doser featured on Wester Pension & Benefits Conference Ethics Roundtable. See his summary slides.
4/30/2012 Highland leverages Morningstar's Direct platform with its own complimentary reporting platform, Highland Performance Reporting Application (HiPRA). HiPRA, written in C# with an SQL backend database, gives Highland unique reporting capabilities while enhancing quality and efficiency.
2/12/2012 Highland Capital selected as new consultant to the Paintmakers & Allied Trades Pension Trust
1/26/2012 Highland adds Clint Benson to Portland Team
9/19/2011 September 2011 newsletter - The Highland Journal
8/15/2011 Highland unveils its redesigned website.
5/15/2011 Highland unveils its new corporate logo.
5/1/2011 Highland switches to the Morningstar Direct institutional investment data & analysis platform.
3/15/2011 Highland develops new custom Target Retirement Date fund construction tool.
2/15/2011 Highland adds Randall Doser, FSA, CFA to the Portland Consulting Team.